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Matured Farmyard Manure

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A pleasant, rich, dark, matured cow manure full of natural goodness and a benefit to all soil types. Excellent for digging into vegetable beds and flower beds and borders.

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A pleasant, rich, dark, traditional cow manure, Peat Free and full of natural organic goodness and a benefit to all soil types. Excellent for digging into vegetable beds and flower bed borders.

Read our blog post on the benefits of farmyard manure.

Turning farmyard manure

During the winter months, the cattle are housed in their winter sheds where they are bedded on clean straw. The manure and straw mix from the cattle’s bedding is then collected together and stacked into a large heap.

Over the next few months, the heap is turned on a regular basis which produces high temperatures. This helps to breaks down the manure and straw quickly and also helps to eliminate a lot of the weed seeds which are usually associated with farmyard manure. The end result is a dark, rich traditional farmyard manure.

We often get asked why our Matured Farmyard Manure hasn’t got the strong smell of regular farmyard manure, this is because the manure we sell to our customers has gone through a natural process which leaves a dark, rich,  matured manure. If manure has a very strong smell it usually means that it hasn’t broken down properly and still needs time to mature.


Our Matured Farmyard Manure also forms the basis of our peat-free JPR Gold soil conditioner/mulch.

Sold in our handy half size bulk bags, full size bulk bags or may be delivered loose if required.

When packed:

A bulk bag holds approx. 900ltrs

A half bulk bag holds approx. 450ltrs

For loose delivery, contact us for more information.

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How to use

Our Matured Farmyard Manure is a traditional farmyard manure. It is a blend of cow manure and straw which is  matured over a period of time, making it a great product to use on your vegetable beds and garden borders.

We often get asked if it is safe to use our manure straight away or whether it should be left for some time to mature. The answer is that our manure is safe to used on vegetable beds and borders straight away. The manure we sell has gone through the maturing process before we sell it to our customers.  The result is a matured farmyard manure, dark and rich with very little to no strong manure smell to it, this is because it has had the time to break down and mature. properly.

Traditionally manure is spread on top of beds and borders as a mulch in the late autumn and allowed to break down into the soil over the winter.  It becomes incorporated  into the soil when you are preparing your beds for spring and summer planting. Consequently we sell the majority of our manure during the autumn and winter months.

However our Matured Farmyard Manure can be purchased all year round but we would always recommend digging it into the soil if applied from spring onwards. Why is this? If the manure is left on top of the beds as a mulch from late spring and into the summer it can become dry, hard, lumpy and difficult to incorporate into the soil. So to reiterate, it is always best to dig manure into the soil if applying from late spring. If you still want to mulch at these times with a manure based product, you can always use our JPR Gold which can be used all year round as a mulch on your beds and borders.

Something we do in our own vegetable beds is to mulch them in the autumn with the manure and then cover with a layer of weed suppressing matting which we peel back at planting time. The plants can then be planted straight into the enriched soil.

Sometimes we have also covered the manure covered beds with cardboard to supress the weeds and then mulched the top of the cardboard with our Peat Free compost or the JPR Gold, or you can use your own compost. We then plant through the mulch and cardboard and into the manure and soil bed at planting time.

Volume Calculators

Please use the volume calculators below to calculate how much Matured Farmyard Manure you will require.

Please be aware that soil products may settle and the levels in your beds and borders may drop. Please take this into account when ordering your product.

Important Information

We always advise our customers to wear gloves when handling the product and wash hands thoroughly after use, as many of our products contain Farmyard Manure.

Please be aware that the bagging process can sometimes cause the contents of the bag to heat up slightly, especially during warmer weather. We recommend that you open the bag before use and maintain good ventilation while removing the product from the bag so that any aroma or vapour that has naturally built up within the product will disappear.

2 reviews for Matured Farmyard Manure

  1. Beth Little (verified owner)

    This manure is fantastic. Crumbly, rich and no smell. From ordering to delivery it is a please to deal with JPR Farms.

  2. Garden writer

    I have used JPR’s matured farmyard manure for a couple of seasons now and am very impressed with the results. The maturing process has removed a major problem with farmyard manure – weeds. The product is also a superb soil conditioner and I would not hesitate to use it again.

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